Schlage Connect Lock

I purchased an August lock, but didn’t like it for a few reasons. I just replaced it with a Schlage Connect. I also bought a SmartThings hub. Can I control the Schlage via HA using the ST hub, or do I have to do something different? I don’t have a dongle for HA. Like the August locks, you can’t unlock them using Google Assistant, but I was able to write a script for the August lock which will unlock it. I was hoping to do the same with Schlage

The only way I know of to connect smartthings to Home Assistant is with this:

If I remember correctly, it will allow you to unlock a door.

This, this worked really well. I had this setup before I moved to the HUSBZB stick.

Anyone ever get the Schlage user codes from Smartthings to HA with the MQTT Bridge or like a virtual button? The Smartthings app will tell me which user unlocked the door - but Im trying to get that to HA