Schlage Connect Locks - HA Integration Needs Attention

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Are there any plans to update the way Schlage Connect locks are managed within HA? I realize there is basic integration like setting/clearing and locking/unlocking, but it would be nice if there was some basic menu within HA to better locks in general. A UI that easily allows to better manage users and pin codes.


I created a script that generates a random lock code, and assigns it to a slot. I also created a second script that clears the usercode when you activate it. The UI is crap (I use an input_number, so someone could accidentally change the usercode, but not actually change it), so I should probably create a custom card or something, but it’s on my “admin” tab so it works fine as is, and makes creating a custom code for when I have long-term guests a snap!

I’ll share it once I get home this evening.


@Dolores, Thats pretty cool, but it still doesn’t solve user management of codes. For example, to see what codes are assigned to whom on what locks.

I created a UI for the management of keypad entry codes. It wasn’t easy and still isn’t completely complete. Here is a screen shot:

I use packages so all my config related to this keypad is in one file. You are welcome to look at it. I used the max number of keypads (30) for this since I use this for short-term rental property, lots of comings and goings.

Example of the automation in action (2 minute animated gif, so wait to see the second automation that disables the entry code):


@nalipaz, holy crap! that looks awesome! I knew there had to people out there with some unique methods since lock automation has been around for quite some time. I would love to try your code out. Not sure how you are on time, but are you still willing to actively develop this with feature requests?

Technically it is still a work in progress to some extent. I think the things I still am working on are automation based off a google calendar and the recurring access schedule which I have yet to really flesh out completely. If you have ideas for better UI or something I am game to discuss. I don’t know if I will ever really package this up in any sort of custom component so it is more easily added to others’ installations, but I guess it could be potentially done.


oh crap, doesn’t look like you can run packages with HASSIO. That sucks… they have a tutorial on how to make it a HASSIO add-on I guess ill have to check that out first…

I use that in

how did you add it? according tot he HASSIO docs it states packages are not supported…

I think you might be confused on what a package is:

It is just a bunch of config lumped together.

ok will load it up and be in touch! Thanks so much!!!

Hi @nalipaz, I created a packages folder and imported your file. I commented out the html5 notify, but for some reason I keep getting an error that says HA can’t find a component. my locks are obviously named. bit different, but Esther anything else I need to do other than that package file?

You will certainly need to edit references to entities in that file as well as removing things you don’t have in your network. Looking over logs and providing them here really helps.

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alright, ill work on it and get back to you. one quick question. is the entity id of your door locks hardcoded? in looking at your code it almost looks like you grab it and join things together to form the name.

It is not hardcoded. I renamed my locks in the z-wave configuration so they end up fitting a template of something like lock.lock_nameoflock_locked

but yes you will likely have to find/replace a lot of references to lock names.

ok thanks…

@nalipaz I figured out the issue. I had to place “packages: !include_dir_named packages” earlier in my configuration.yaml file. Which is strange because the docs didn’t mention that…

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@nalipaz is there a way to hide the user pin management from the home screen so that it only appears under sub menu’s? Also, how did you change the word “Home” to the home icon instead?

To “hide” particular items you’ll have to create a new group that is the default view. Then, you can put the pin input fields in another group that is also a view, but not the default view, which will put them on a separate tab. You can specify an icon for the tab with the icon option.

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