Lock Manager - does anyone have an interface/script that they can share?

Hello everyone. I have a question. I have a couple schlage connect locks (BE469). I came from the Wink environment but have dropped that all together since I’ve had HA up and running for about 6mo. LOVE IT. The one thing that I miss is the lock management that Wink had. I just noticed over the past couple updates that i can no longer add a code via the configuration>zwave>node user codes interface. I was able to add one via the developer tools though.

I have come across this post (Schlage Connect Locks - HA Integration Needs Attention) and am debating on whether to try my hand at implementing it BUT before i did i was wondering if there are other custom interfaces that anyone has built? I looked at the code and it’s pretty complex for me so i am a bit leery and frankly this offers more bells/whistles than i need.

I wanted to reach out and see what others are doing. Thank you everyone!

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