Schlage Connect ZWave Locks


Are people able to use the Schlage Sense app after secure pairing with home assistant? I am trying to setup the app after the home assistant setup and the app won’t pair to the lock.


I don’t use the Schlage app at all.


Thanks. With some further digging, it appears that the schlage app needs a Wink Hub or SmartThings Hub. Do you ever set any codes that have expiration dates or codes that are only good at certain days/times of the week?


I have not yet. I do plan on doing this going forward though so I may have an issue.


Just adding my 1st of three schlage locks. How do I know if is is added secure? Its the fe599.


@ptdalen. It should not join the Z-wave network if its not joined securely.


Good deal. For the moment I’ve given up. I added, removed, added, removed, moved it to second node, etc. Pulled batteries,

The last time I added it, I could not even manually unlock/lock the door. Codes worked, the door unlocked, and then the deadbolt locked again. I never once was able to lock or unlock via HA.

Sadly, added it back to Smartthings, and it came right up 1st time, and within 1 minute I was able to fully control.

I really want to avoid having to connect ST to HA just for my locks, but for now, the locks will be the last thing I bring over.


Did you try a factory reset on the lock? Sorry if you already mentioned, but what Z-Wave controller do you have in HA?

Also if the lock is part of another Z-wave network, it won’t join a new one.


It was on another network, but I excluded it. It did join HA, but I could never control it. I removed it from HA successfully, and readded it a few times.

I removed the batteries for a few minutes as well. I did not factory reset, because I did not want to have to program all the codes again.

I am using a Linear HUSBZB-1 usb stick.

Once I gave up, it paired right up with ST. Previous to HA it was paired to Hubitat, I was playing around with that too. Hubitat uses a HUSBZB as their controller as well.

It was a bit tricky to pair to Hubitat, but it worked after a couple trys.


That stinks it gave you so much trouble with HA. I added mine using the HA gui (add secure node) and then put the lock into inclusion mode and it added it right in. I do believe I had to restart HA for all the node attributes to show up properly.

I have a Schlage BE469 CAM 716 lock and an Aeotec Z-stick (Gen 4)


Didn’t do it on purpose, but I was able to add mine as an insecure node. Of course it was screwed up, missing sensors, etc. and I had to start all over.


I do have two of the BE469, but wanted to start with a door that was less important to me (those are front and back doors), the FE599 is the door to the garage. I see a lot of comments in here about the fe599 having issues.

Quick question, are you easily able to set codes on the locks via HA? I have an app in ST that lets me set temp codes, one use codes, and scheduled codes, like M-F 8-5, etc.

In the background I realize that it’s just adding and removing codes based on scheduled automations. Was wondering if anyone did anything like that, or if it was possible.


I have added codes from HA. I have not done anything else. Adding worked fine


if you have issues pairing your lock then move your usb stick closer many of us came from ST and had to rearrange some of our zwave stuff so it works. Well worth it to unlocked all features of your lock without having to pay rboy or someone for app access :wink:

You already use a custom smart app so guess what happens during ST cloud outage or your own internet goes out? Your lock functions (any smart app or automation) will cease to work.

Also, anything you can do in ST you can do in Home Assistant and then some.

Source: I have the same stick, same lock and after moving around my controller to a better position all issues went away.


I agree, and have been moving my stuff over in groups. Locks are last because of course they are important. :slight_smile:
I already paid rboy a while ago, and have to say it was worth every penny. This is one area, where I feel like even though I don’t do it often, HA will not be nearly as “capable” as the rboy ST app was. I’d happily pay $25 for a simple lock interface that allowed me to add codes, remove codes, set schedules, and most importantly make it so easy that someone without a high level of computer knowledge can use it. My wife can get in and set a code very easy.

Again, I’ve accepted this, and it’s all good. I would not be able to set a code remotely with HA if the internet became inaccessible either, but HA would be able to run automations to change codes on a schedule if the internet went down, and that’s pretty cool.

You give some/you lose some.

I plan on finishing up the rest of my lights, open close sensor and motion sensors, then will come back to the locks. It will be the “most work” to get back to where I am with ST. Probably the automation I’m looking forward to the least (maybe most, I do like to learn), is to set scheduled codes. And maybe figuring out an easy way to add codes via ui without having to go through config menu. Although I don’t add codes too often so that’s not very high on my list.


Being able to remotely set codes is important, but setting them with the keypad on my lock is very simple as well.


Yes, it is. But I’m just saying it’s easier to open an app, and enter a code. I don’t want to hijack the thread. I’m just trying to say, that there are many benefits of a fully local Home Automation system. MANY!. I really like it a lot. I’m even sure with enough work, I could come up with a simple input template, and create something that would allow adding/removing of codes. But, it will be a step back in some areas. Mostly in the area of convenience and required skill to make changes to the household automations.

Again, not saying it’s not worth it. If it wasn’t, I’d still be using ST, It worked well for me, but what’s the fun in that. To me, the best thing about HA is that it has several compoents that I would likely never get working togerher in ST. I’m using my hikvision camera line crossing as a sensor now. Never had that before. Opens up a lot of new possibilities.


What you described about using input templates is actually what other community members are doing today so try to search the forums for examples they may already have the code in place for you to use. You take a service (like the service call to set a lock code), create a script/automation (i.e. the schedule) and add that to the group (UI). You need to get past the initial setup phase and let your house do the work and make it convenient. You need to build your convenience the way you want it. You really need to put in the time to get things working the way you want them to.


Found exactly what I was looking for

Thanks for the recommendation


BTW, I wanted to pass on that after going through the setup for the 4th time, and this time really paying attention to the logs, I found that I was the problem. I never set up a network key. Once I did that, BAM, it’s all working. I did have to add my usb stick to node 2, but otherwise, its great, Was able to add codes via UI as well.

Thanks everyone for the tips