Schlage Integration


I currently have Encode Plus set up through Schlage App, to keep it on Wifi

I’ve setup Apple HomeKey through Homekit. Everything works fine

My one question is, when using Home assistant with the Schlage Integration that now exists…The door lock or unlocks right away. Very responsive. But it take 10 or 15 seconds for the entity to update. So anotherwords, if I’m not home and lock my door be cause I forgot, I’ll have to sit there for a few and wait to see if the button updates to locked

Is this just a currently limitation of the schlage app that will hopefully get better with updates?

other than that all works great. No matter/thread apple hubs etc. Bluetooth is every bit as fast as matter for the HomeKey function(yes I know Matter is better in the long run)… just don’t let the apple people fool you lol Batter just takes a bigger hit being on WIFI

I think your delay is a result of using the Schlage cloud to send the command. It has to go to them and then to the lock. I keep my Schlage Encode Plus strictly on thread (using an Apple TV as a hub) and the commands issued when I am remote seem to work quickly. I do not have the lock on my wifi at all as using thread means the batteries last much longer. For Home Assistant access I use the work around I found in this thread Schlage Encode Plus and all seems well.

Hi thanks for the reply. Can you please briefly explain this whole Home Hub thing? Apparently per the new architecture, I’m forced to buy one anyway in order to share the Home Key feature with my girlfriends. iPhone.

HomeKey is the ONLY thing I will ever use homekit for. So can I buy the cheapest more used homepod mini I can find on eBay to do the job? do I just plug it in stuff it where I don’t have to look at it near my router, and then add it to homekit as an accessory? And then I’ll be able to take advantage of thread too?

I’ve just read through the link you send me also, and I’m not really understanding the work around. Is it to still use HACs version? Because that doesn’t seem to be there anymore

Question that I should have replied with first. Are you able to use HomeKey with your set up?

Yes, wife and I both use Home Key with the lock.

I guess the main part I’m missing then is how to do both…
In order to use the Schlage integration I thought I needed their App which is WIFI

And then I thought if I added to HOMEKIT first to get thread going, then it cant’ be seen as a button in Home Assistant.

If you get a moment. doesnt have to be today. can yo uplease tell me what you did. the link you sent me I read through the 35 posts several times. I cant seem to understand where your work around is

You are correct that if you want to use the Home Assistant integration you need to be using wifi. In my experience you can’t do both. If the lock is on Thread only Home Assistant can’t control it. If it is on wifi you can control with HA but then you limit things on the Home Kit side. That’s where the work around comes in. I did not come up with it but set it up and it works for me. You set it up in Home Kit and then create in HA and expose to Home Kit (using the Home Kit Bridge integration) the input booleans in the thread I referenced. The lock is not locked or unlocked using the Schlage app. You can login with the Schlage app to see the state of the firmware or battery but you do everything else (including creating ‘keys’ in Home Kit. Basically, you have in Home Kit a switch that when ‘on’ reflects in HA the door is locked and when ‘off’ the door is unlocked. You can toggle this in HA to perform the action to lock/unlock in Home Kit. In Home Kit you create four automations:

• door unlocks, turn on switch
• door locks, turn off switch
• switch turns on, unlock door
• switch turns off, lock door

In HA I have a card that shows the state of that switch -

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 6.19.18 AM

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 6.20.26 AM

I can lock or unlock by clicking the lock HA.The one thing that I ran into was that on a Home Assistant restart the switch was always in an ‘off’ state which made the lock in HA show as unlocked even though it was really locked. I created an automation in HA that sets the switch to on whenever the server comes up. If the lock is locked then it really does nothing but sets the state to show as locked as it should. If the lock happens to be unlocked when the server comes up it will lock it. I can live with that. None of this was my idea. I simply implemented what others posted and it seems to be working well. Your milage may differ.

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Thank you so much for this breakdown. I must have read the 1600 times but it finally clicked and I understand exactly what I need to do.

I think I just have one more question and it’s regarding the battery. Are you able to display the read out of the battery life? I know that’s an entity that exists when you use the Wi-Fi Schlage integration.

I cannot see the state of the lock’s battery in HA. I can in the Schlage app. And I will state the battery life is much longer when the lock is not using wifi.

Ok thanks I’ll play around with it . I wonder if instead of using the HK bridge, I instead use the HK integration to pull into HA

only for the battery part . Hmmm

Thanks again

Ok me again, I’m a Pain in the #$% sorry. You’re the only one that’s been responding. Everything has worked beautifully.

As far as the battery. How Im techincally able to still see it in Schlage app. Can I use the schlage integration to pull only the battery entity? Or will that take everything off Thread and defeat the purpose of this?

I have no idea how it still shows in the Schlage app. If you put the integration into HA you will have to enable wifi for the integration to work. Doing that removes it from thread. I went back and forth resetting the lock trying both thread and wifi. I’m happy to stay on thread.