Schlage Zwave lock battery not correctly updating with ZWaveJS

My Schlage Zwave lock is not correctly updating it’s battery state in Home Assistant. I’m using ZWaveJS. The battery value shows correctly in ZWaveJS’s UI under “[7-128-0-level] Battery level”, but the battery entity in Home Assistant always shows 0%

How can I fix this? I tried using the zwave_js.refresh_value service to rigger an update/sync, but that had no effect. Also reinterviewed the node, to no effect. I haven’t tried to re-add it to the network, but given that the state seems to appear correctly in ZwaveJS’s UI, I assume that it’s something in Home Assistant or in the communication between ZwaveJS and HA, instead of with the Zwave network itself. Happy to provide any additional debugging information that might be useful.