Schneider blind control switch open/closed values makes no sense

Hello there,
I installed the Schneider blind control switch (here is the official technical PDF : )

It is correctly paired in HASS OS. Up/down/stop buttons work as intended. So far so good.

The “cover” feature and the open/closed status are confusing:

  • if I click on “up” button and check what’s happening on cover status, it animates toward closed status (decreasing percentage) but with “opening” label (the log says it’s opening). And vice versa.
  • if I trigger an opening/closing via the icon, it does the contrary: if I slide to the full open status, it starts to close the blind, and vice versa.
  • where is the calibration or something I could manually set, did I miss it? The time allocated to opening/closing the blind is way too high.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

bump: is this github project a solution ?

I finally made it work: ditched ZHA, migrated everything to zigbee2MQTT (that was not easy). It’s fully recognized, I can define a “lift duration”, so the cover feature in HASS is relevant.