Schneider Electric Shutter quirk?

I was trying to avoid doing this but got an email this morning from Schneider Electric saying that the app and the hub will be turned off in October. I have about 10 of these to do.

I’ve added 1 shutter to my HA but the controls are all wrong. This is just a standard up/down shutter control. I think I need a “quirk?” if so, where do I find one and how to download/install? I think I would also need to adjust the runtime of the device. Not sure what the -155%.

Appreciate advice/help.

Device info
by Schneider Electric
Firmware: 0x020410ff
Zigbee info

IEEE: 60:a4:23:ff:fe:8b:ed:3c
Nwk: 0x6364
Device Type: Router
LQI: 32
RSSI: Unknown
Last seen: 2024-04-19T12:45:22
Power source: Mains