Scifi Theme

I like all the HUD UIs in movies and games. I was straying on envato recently and found this amazing HUD Video package: HUD UI Screens by Hramovsky | VideoHive

I imediately fell in love with it and want my Homeassisant to look as similar as possible.

The font reminded me of the movie logo from ex_macina (great movie, by the way) and I found there is a free font looking similar: Ex Machina Font Download | Hyperpix

So theming in homeassistant is “special”.

1.) Using other fonts is a pain in the back end. I found two ways, which both partly work: I can add the lovelace resources in the configuration yaml, this loads it for all screens including the configuration ones like supervisor and settings. however other resources which comes with frontend plugins are no longer loaded

2.) I followed this route Use TTF in Lovelace - #11 by tom_l (download font, create webfont, create css, create css-loader javascript) and this works, but only for the dashboards, not for administrative UIs. Which is a shame, I want a coherent look and feel. If anyone knows how to do it properly, please let me know.

It’s still a heavy work in progress, but it’s going in the right direction.

Obvious ToDo’s:

  • create git repository
  • square switches
  • notch a corner out from buttons


Very nice! Especially the idea of a smart Hühnerstall :+1:

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Now all we have to wait for is an LCARS theme, or a Jarvis theme. :laughing: