Scishare coffee machine burned out big time

went to make a coffee last night and my Scishare coffee machine started billowing lots of smoke and smells of electrical burning.

So it’s definitely fecked anyone else had similar issues it’s only 8 months old not sure I want to risk a second one

any recommendations for a smart coffee machine that’s HA compatible?

Any photo? How (or where) it failed exactly?

I’ve just had it in bits plugged it in outside the smoke is burning insulation on the connection to the boiler heating element

If it were mine I would probably try to fix it.

It’s hard to tell from the picture if it’s just the connector or the heating element too tho and that could change my thinking.

I would just return it to the seller and claim guarantee

its an AliExpress purchase

yeah, that’s a better option if it is still under warranty.


never mind. it’s back to fixing it.

think it’s drawing to muck current to heat the water
going to take the heater block see if it’s full of limescale

I don’t think scale will cause the element to draw too much power. resistive heating elements only pull one value of current (unless they have some kind of rheostat control like a stove burner).

I guess it’s possible that scale caused the burner to be less efficient and not able to dissipate the heat produced tho.

It’s more likely the connector started getting loose and that caused a high resistance connection right at the connector and burned the connector up.

But it’s hard to know for sure without looking at it more closely.