Scrap Sensor - Bin/Garbage Day

Hi all…

I’ve seen a couple of these around, I know I’m doing something wrong so hoping somebody on here has expirience so I don’t have to resource for the next couple of hours…

Example postcode: S711AB

- platform: scrape
  name: BinDay
  select: 'table table--light'

So some further digging I found I can use the below to select the data I want…
However, I think that it’s just loading the site without the address so can’t pull back the data?

Is there a way to auto populate this?



also in Barnsley trying to solve this problem with next-to no knowledge. Total Noob!

Did you ever manage to solve it?

Hi @maphu1981 … Welcome to Home Assistant…
Unusual to see somebody so close to home too…

I eventually gave up trying to scrape and just used the HACS Garbage-collection integration

I then set up all four bins on a cycle which works really well!