Scrap sensor help


i need help on a scrap sensor first tank you for reading this
i want to get the gas (fuel) price from this webside i have no codding experience im new i was able to do most of my setup by copy and paste im not lazy i tried for a week before posting here , i try to use the exemple from this page but i fail any help will be appreciated again thanks for taking your time to read this
this is my config i only get i city name with this if i change the number i get diferent city name

- platform: scrape
  name: gas    
  select: "a:nth-of-type(6)"


try this:
select: "#price-0"

Thank you for helping 

It did not worked I’ll keep trying


When i click your direct link to the website with the Gas Prices i get a Google Recaptcha. Maybe thats why the sensor is not able to pick up any prices.


i dont see the recaptcha i will try with diferent webside