Scrape - Custom Resource with Input Text

Is it possible to have a custom/dynamic resource URL whilst using the scrape?

  resource: https:EXAMPLE.COM="{{ states('input_text.example') }}"
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I don’t think I’ve explained this very well…

If I wanted to pull the weather back for UK, the URL may look like…

I’m wanting to determine what the ‘UK’ is by typing it into the text box…

Is this possible?

You can’t template the resource. So, to answer your question: No.

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Perfect, thanks Petro :slight_smile:

I’ll try finding another solution, unless anybody could advise further.

You can provide a resource template on the multiscrape sensor.


I’ll give this a go shortly… Don’t suppose you have any examples? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s an example in the docs? And the options say you can use resource_template instead of resource… what more do you need?

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Chill. Chill… I’ll go read the docs :laughing: