Scrape Integration help

I’m having a hell of a time trying to get this to work. I’ve given up after reading examples, CSS documentation, eeeeeerfff No matter what I do, i’m getting “error on device update” when loading the sensor with a whole bunch of invalid characters in my select statement.

My goal is to pull covid-19 confirmed cases and deaths. I realize that after a while the deaths will be entered as a digit vs. using a word and that’s fine. I think once someone helps me scrape I can mess around with it later on to get it fix.

Looks like i will need two sensors to scrape each of the two values but I can’t even get to 1!

Thanks in advance everyone!

Is there something special with this source? Currently there are many other resources that are much easier to deal with than what you’re posting.

Yeah can’t find any other site. It’s city village data that is not posted on jhu/Bing/etc.

Anyone else that can help here?

Anyone that can help?.

- platform: scrape
  resource: https://www.website_name/COVID-19
  name: Skokie Deaths
  select: '.subhead1'

I’m using the above but it’s getting me the wrong sentence lol