Scrape list of data from website (scrape sensor advanced config)

Dozen examples exist on how the scrape sensor can get a single value from a website. However I want to scape a small list (data-set) from a website. Can the scrape sensor do this?

My use case is the local swimming pool where I want to list the current time table for swimming. There are several time slots a day the pool is available. Some example data:



div:has(>h4:contains(Maandag)) div:has(>div>p:contains(Banenzwemmen))>p

This should list four time slots for the Monday. Because of the site’s design, I was planning to use 7 queries, for every day one. This would be applicable for multiple swimming pools in the area, so I could list all available time slots for today or tomorrow for all pools in the neighborhood.

The problem: I MUST register a single node by using the index param. The only thing I can think of, is to make 7*4=21 sensors, as there are a maximum of four slots a day. This seems overkill, but perhaps the only way to achieve this.