Scrape sensor - issue from a newbee

Hi Guys !

First of all … what a beautiful forum in which I found a lot of tips to start with my HA.

Could you help me regarding Scrap . I would like to catch the production of my photovoltaic installation published on the internet site of my supplier.

The HTML is the following

Could you help me with the correct select ?

Thanks in advance.

Two things you should check:

  1. How do you authenticate to get to that HTML? The scrape sensor only supports basic or digest authentication, no multi-step form based authentication.
  2. That HTML there is what the browser shows you, but you should check if that is really the HTML that comes straight from the server. The scrape sensor can only process raw HTML.

Hi Exxamalte,

Thanks for answer.

  1. The access is trough https connection . I configure the plateform with login and username as described in the documentation.

  2. Not sure to understand what you mean … :frowning: sorry for my incapability … Could you develop ?

OK, and is Home Assistant really receiving the data? Maybe you are lucky and it works, but from experience most companys require you to go through form based authentication to get to their data.

To be sure you could try increasing the log level for the scrape integration to actually see the incoming HTML:

  default: info
    homeassistant.components.scrape: debug

Sure - your screenshot of the HTML is taken from the web browser’s development tools or inspector and that is the rendered code. What you should do is to use the “View Page Source” function in that page to view the original HTML source code and then look for the section where you expect that power value to be. If it’s there, great, then you can try to continue setting up the scrape sensor; if it’s not there then it’s probably added later through some dynamic frontend code and the scrape sensor most likely won’t work for you.