Scrape sensor - only working once per website?

Hello everyone,

i’m struggling with one of my scrape sensors. Very weird, because the first one is working and the second one is on the same website, just a view lines further down. in my opinion the ccs selection should be fine, also checked with ccs selector tools! any thoughts/ideas on that? thx…


  • platform: scrape
    name: Photovoltaik
    select: “table:nth-child(2) tr:nth-of-type(4) td:nth-of-type(3)”
    unit_of_measurement: “W”
    • platform: scrape
      name: Spannung Photovoltaik String 1
      select: “table:nth-child(2) tr:nth-of-type(14) td:nth-of-type(3)”
      unit_of_measurement: “V”


2021-09-17 09:54:17 DEBUG (SyncWorker_7) [homeassistant.components.scrape.sensor]

PV Webserver
PIKO 10.1
Weindl (255)

AC-Leistung Energie
aktuell **1108** W Gesamtenergie 80196 kWh
Tagesenergie 1.13 kWh
Status Einspeisen MPP

PV-Generator Ausgangsleistung String 1 L1 Spannung **404** V Spannung 231 V Strom 1.09 A Leistung 364 W String 2 L2 Spannung 397 V Spannung 239 V Strom 1.11 A Leistung 377 W String 3 L3 Spannung 368 V Spannung 230 V Strom 0.88 A Leistung 367 W

RS485 Kommunikation




2021-09-17 09:54:17 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.scrape.sensor] Unable to extract data from HTML for Spannung Photovoltaik String 1

Interesting by posting my question, it comes up, that the html site in the log file is different to the original one. Starting from “PV-Generator” onwards it should also be within a table. maybe i can sort out, how to get the right value.