Scrape sensor "request denied" on Tumbler


I’ve been using the scrape sensor for a couple of years now with a very stable configuration to scrape a particular tumblr site of mine, recently I’ve noticed it stopped working :frowning:

[homeassistant.components.scrape.sensor] Unable to extract data from HTML for

I set the log notification to “debug” and I see the returning HTML indicates the scrape request is now denied for some reason.

Can I fix this in some way (perhaps adjusting the headers?)
Has it happened to anyone else? is Tumblr now blocking scrape components somehow?

Would appreciate you assistance in figuring this out.

I tried “Multiscrape” custom integration with similar result

       .o                                8888       8888
      .88                                8888       8888
    o8888oo  ooo  oooo  ooo. .oo.  .oo.   888oooo.   888  oooo d8b
    ""888""  888  "888  "888P"Y88bP"Y88b  d88' `88b  888  "888""8P
      888    888   888   888   888   888  888   888  888   888
      888 .  888   888   888   888   888  888.  888  888   888
      "888Y  `V88V"V8P' o888o o888o o888o 88`bod8P' o888o d888b

<title>Request denied.</title>
<meta content="IE=edge" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible"/>
<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"/>
<meta content="off" http-equiv="x-dns-prefetch-control"/>
<meta content="noindex" name="robots"/>
<meta content="width=device-width" name="viewport"/>
<meta content="Tumblr" name="application-name"/>
<meta content="#2c4762" name="msapplication-TileColor"/>
<meta content="//" name="msapplication-TileImage"/>
<link href="//" rel="shortcut icon"/>
<link href="//" media="screen" rel="stylesheet"/>
<body data-status-code="403">
<div class="error-message-container">
<div class="error-message-content">
<h1 class="error-message-title" data-localization="title">
                    Request denied.
<p class="error-message-text" data-localization="sorry_1">
                    You do not have permission to access this page.
<p class="error-message-text" data-localization="sorry_2">
<a href="" target="_docs">Find out why</a> you may have encountered this error, or let us know if the problem persists. Include your IP address and a short description of what you were doing when you encountered the rate limit.                </p>
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

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