Scrape sensor - selector template or select !=

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I am attempting to scrape info from a site where the complete dataset for the year is in the html, but all elements are tagged with style="display:none;" except for the current date.
I can access the info I need with the following selector:

select: '#post-1157 > div > div.fusion-fullwidth.fullwidth-box.fusion-builder-row-3.hundred-percent-fullwidth.non-hundred-percent-height-scrolling > div > div > div > div.table-2 > table > tbody > tr:nth-child(258)'

So in order to do what I would like, I think I would need to either iterate the nth-child() value each day(259=15/9/2020 etc.), or maybe select via data-date="2020-09-14" attribute by some way of templating… or,
Select the first tr element as per above that does not have style="display:none;" attribute.
I have seen some examples of :not() selectors in beautifulsoup but if that is the right way to go I can’t seem to find the correct syntax.

Is this possible?

Would appreciate any tips, pointers or info that might help.
Many thanks.