Scrape trouble

I want two scrape sensors to collect from the same area of a web page. Both have the same items to use in select but I can’t work out how to get the 2nd one.

I want the 46.7 and the 66.0 shown in this below.

This gets the first one:

- platform: scrape
  select: ".weather__data.weather__wind-gust  .wu-value-to"

How do I select the 2nd value?

You can use the index parameter to chose the second occurence (default is 0 which picks the first occurrence):

  - platform: scrape
    select: ".weather__data.weather__wind-gust .wu-value-to"
    index: 1
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Any reason not to use the integration?

I havent got my own weather station otherwise it looks good.

Ahh, I thought those using their products all had such weather station. :slight_smile: