Scrape Viessmann Heatpump over mygridbox

hello community,

I own a Viessmann heat pump that I have already integrated into the Home Assistant via Vito connect or ViCare. Unfortunately, the power requirement is not displayed via the ViCare app. I have installed an additional grid box from Viessmann, which offers a surface that shows the power consumption of the heat pump. Now I would like to read the website using the scratch function and of course reach my limits. Therefore I need your support.

Which link for the scratch function is relevant.? The page has a login and a subpage with the performance information.

Thanks in advance :clap:

  - resource:
    authentication: basic
    username: admin
    password: admin
    scan_interval: 10
      - name: PowerHeatpump
        select: "#text-heatpump > tspan"
        unit_of_measurement: 'W'
        device_class: "power"
        state_class: "measurement"

did you manage to get the data from the gridbox? I have the same problem with my new solar equipment from Viessmann.

Best regards, Timo

Hi @TiGr1 I created an addon to get the data if you miss some datas feel free to create a feature request

@Benleni17 maybe a solution for you, too