Scrape Weather Underground Info for PWS

Given the uncertainty of the API, and the fact that I never used it anyway, I set up a quick Scrape sensor to pull the temperature off the web site for my PWS. It worked great for a while but WU has now changed the page I was scraping, and it’s much harder to isolate the temperature on the new one. I think they send it as an image now.

I know WU offers a bunch of widgets; small snippets of code you can insert into other web pages. The one I set up years ago, however, doesn’t send the values as text, but generates an image, instead.

Before I go and re-read all the PWS documentation, has anyone found a reasonably stable, scrape-able PWS page? Or an easier way to get just the data (temp, wind speed, rainfall, whatever) from WU?

If you have a PWS registered with Weather Underground you may/should be able to get a new API key. Then you could use this custom component.

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wunch posted info on how to use the rest API if you have a new API key.

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I do have an API key from previous tinkering with PWS. But lately I’ve heard a lot about the API going away or the custom component not working. I was thinking maybe I should be looking around for a different solution.

I tried this, and it works, thanks!! I may just use this for now, and not worry about the API going away unless/until it happens.

The new API won’t go away for people that upload their PWS data.

I have an old key (made before changement in api). Do you confirm that i need a new key? Because i tested it but no sensor is created in HA.

You definitely need a key for the new API.