Scrape website with Javascript

I want to scrape the temperature und airpressure for my hometown from a website.
With the developer tools of safari and chrome I’ve found out, the data is generated with JavaScript.
So I think I have to use rest than scrape or multiscrape.
But I don’t see wich attributes I have to use. In Network traffic, provided from safari developer tools, I don’t know where to look for. I don’t know much about JavaScript.
The data is given from:
And this news website get its data from:

Thank you in advance for your answer!

I had a quick look but I highly doubt that ‘Hessenschau’ manages this data themselves, why would they as TV/radio station. So I would suggest to find the true source first.
Wrt to rest, the link/data presented does not allow to do anything useful except for (possibly?) scrape
What are you after, aren’t there other sources?
I myself am tracking forecast / actuals in my (french) region now, turns out that for me, openweather is more precise than the local meteofrance…but this HIGHLY depends on the location

EDIT: missed the 2nd link…do you have anything more precise wrt to a API, json or whatever you want to get to?

maybe here?just to be clear…I am not going to spend a lot of time finding sources :slight_smile: Geoportal Hessen

Thanks for the answer’s!
The data provided from openweather map differs from hglnug, maybe its forecast data and not measured. is a public country website, with its own measure stations.

I thought there a less options for scraping data from hessenschau, because hglnug got a map with much more javascript attributes.

Im looking for atmospheric pressure, humidity and outside temp.

Is there an other way scrape the data?
I don’t know how to interpret the data from the chrome or safari developer tools.

Opwm 9C° 93% 1016hpa
Hlnug 7,2C° 97,8% 1013hpa
Hschau 7,0C° 97% 1013hpa

HSchau 3,0° 85% 1021hpa
Hlnug 2,9° 87% 1021hpa
OpenWM 4° 81% 1023hpa


What about a close by airport and METAR?
That will give you accurate and frequent updated data.

You did not check api/ data via my link?.. I did not find this completely by accident…

This Geoportal got datas from too, but only geological data like water temperature and earthquake.

the url with the data I need is: Luftmessstelle Kassel Mitte | Messdatenportal

Thank you!