Scraping bin info from a web site

I followed the following guide ( to scrape
info that told me what colour bin was due for emptying. However, Oldham council decided to revamp the bin collection timetable site and now it requires me to enter a postcode and select an address. This obviously stops the scrape from working. Is there a way of using node-red to aquire the info?

Hi David, I was wondering whether you eventually got something working for this - I’m also in Oldham, and have put together a very rudimentary mechanism with the scrape sensor that uses the new website, based on me initially grabbing the “unique property number” value, after the postcode and house number selection, from the URL that followed (from the uprn property in the query string).


I’d be interested to hear if you have something yourself and how it’s implemented. Thanks!

in the configuration.yaml I have

- platform: scrape
  name: Bins
  resource:*my uprn code*
  select: "#xform_confirmation_table"type or paste code here

sounds similar to what you have done

Thanks, yes, that’s similar to what I have too. I also added a value template to experiment with pulling the info out but it’s mostly superfluous.