Scraping HTML Page

I’m having a hard time to get information of a website.
I’m new in the templating business and can’t find any good explanations how to use of the split-function.

What I’m trying to do is to get the value (in %) of the attribute ‘style="margin-left: 3%’ (in this case obviously 3) of the class “crowd-level-tag crowd-level-pointer” from
Background: It’s the estimated occupancy rate of my boulder place.

  - platform: scrape
    name: BW Ost
    select: ".crowd-level-pointer"
    value_template: '{{ value.split(??) }}'
    unit_of_measurement: '%'

With the selector above I get the following output:

< div class=“crowd-level-tag crowd-level-pointer”> < img src=“” style=“margin-left:3%”/>

So I’m nearly there, but I can’t get to extract the needed number from this line.
If you can point me into the right direction it would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

I would create a new template sensor reading your scrape sensor. Using jinja2 filters you can extract the value you need (format the value).

This might help you:

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Thank you, I will look into that!

But I stumpled upon another problem.
The output above I get only if I follow the steps of the Jupyter Notebook by hand.
But in Home-Assistant the sensor state will be empty.
Is it filtered somehow?


I got it working.
I ditched the scraper sensor and used the command line sensor to read the value of a python script instead .

Any chance you could share the code for that as I’m wading through beautiful soup at the moment trying to do just that.