Scraping where the URL is in another sensor state

Hi, i am working on a project where i need to check if a new photo album is added to a library and then run the photo’s trough my deepstack for facial recognition.

I already have one sensor where i get the url from the latest album,
however i am having trouble scraping the url form the sensor.

This is what i tried so far

 - platform: scrape
   resource: "{{states('sensor.spz_fotos1')}}"
   name: spz_fotoNo1
   select: 'figure[class$="gallery-grid__item gallery-grid-lightbox__item load-indication"] a:nth-child(1)'
   attribute: href

the template does output a http url, however when i check the logs i get the following error

Error fetching data: {{states('sensor.spz_fotos1')}} failed with Request URL is missing an 'http://' or 'https://' protocol.

Did you try multiscrape? It supports template in the resource_template field.