Screen time on Android to monitor app usage for kids?

I’m currently using Screentime app on Android to monitor how much time my kids spend using android apps such as games. Also, it keeps track of what websites and YouTube videos my kids watch.

Is there any way to get information like this to Home Assistant? I searched for this on Google, but didn’t find any search results.


I would also be interested in this integration or some other that provides parental control data.

Did you ever find anything?

You can use the screen interactive sensor to measure the display on time.

Perhaps the games use notifications? You can monitor that.

And then there is the intrusive way, you can take screenshots and send those to Google drive and have them show up on Lovelace, and/or take images with the front and back cameras and upload that.
But this requires Tasker I believe. I haven’t tried to do it with only HA app but I don’t think it’s possible.

I never found a solution. I like @Hellis81 's idea to use Tasker. I’m just not sure its worth trying to setup Tasker. It’s too bad the mobile Home Assistant app couldn’t offer a couple of extra sensors such web browser history and YouTube history.

I don’t think YouTube offers that info.
I would be very surprised if they did.

It looks like YouTube API supports it:

In that case you just need a rest sensor.