Screen utilization mobile app vs. mobile browser

Hi everyone, I have reworked the last days with Lovelace frontend using the Button Card in combination with Dbuits Homekit Panel Card.
I am quite satisfied with the result :slight_smile:

However, I noticed that when using the Android App my Button Card tiles are only displayed in two columns:

On the same device they are displayed in three columns in Mobile Chrome or Edge:

What could be the reason for this, and how could we use a three-column layout in the Mobile App as well?
I have a Nokia 7.2 with 6.3 inch and 2240 x 1080 pixel resolution. My girlfriend has a Xiaomi Mi A3 with 6.1 inch and a resolution of 720 x 1,560 pixels. The behaviour is the same on both devices with the official Home Assistant app. Compared to browsers, the screen size is not fully utilized or does not scale properly.

The mobile app uses android system webview, check that is up to date and see if it resolves the error. If it does not then file a bug in the android repo and show both sets of screenshots to show it only happens in the android app.

Android System Webview is available in version 83.0.4103.106.
There is no newer version for me. I will try it with a bug report:

Thanks a lot

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