Screens and curtains don’t work with Homey and MQTT

Hi there,

I have four Forest Z-Wave curtains and five screens (Fibaro Roller Shutter 3), which work perfectly with Homey. Now I wanted a nice 3D floorplan dashboard, so I made that in Home Assistant. Looks awesome and love the platform.

All devices are connected with MQTT and 99% works fine. Only the curtains and screens don’t fully work. With the slider that HA uses voor these entities (cover) I can open them all (0) but I can’t set any other position or close them (100). They don’t respond at all. Of course, via Homey they respond immediately.

Any suggestions?

Attached I have the MQTT data, but I’m not an expert. I do see a difference in values (0-100 and 0-1) but that might be nothing. Mind you; I am a beginner who just got to know lovelace, so I’m working on my skills and knowledge. :slight_smile: