Screenshots for lovelace cards in hacs repo

While browsing for new lovelace cards, It would be nice if there was a screenshot of the prospective card next to the repo entry for devs to include a screenshot of what the card does or looks like … It would save a lot of unnecessary navigating into repositories to look at a screenshot if one is even provided.
To the left of each repo entry on this screen. Also if possible make that screenshot click and expandable to see it in a larger view.

HACS is a thirdparty integration.
You need to find the feature request page for that integration.

of course it is

I think it would be a better idea, if showing how many “repositories” there actually are available, then you might reconsider your “suggestion” … Imagine loading +1000 screenshots

Closed. This category is for core feature requests. Please contact the developer of third party integrations regarding feature requests for their integrations.