Screwed up Neato Botvac Intigration

I was trying to do the initial setup on a Neato Botvac integration but i screwed up and put the wrong password in and now i cant figure out how to go back and change it or just start over. Each time i try to start fresh it brings me back to where i ended and it says its incorrect (because i put the wrong password in) and no option to go back. What can i do to start fresh?? Also i did see the alert and this is an older D3 Connected vacuum so i should still be good on that. Thanks!!!

There most like are credentials stored and reused. Go to integrations, top right three dot menu. You’ll find application credentials there.

Also make sure the return url in the Neato developer site is correct, that changed a couple of versions ago. It should be Link to OAuth2 Authorize Callback – My Home Assistant

Thank you! That let me delete that and start over with the correct username and password. But i am still getting the same error:

Client authentication failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included, or unsupported authentication method.

Once i enter the username and password in home assistant it takes me to a webpage and thats the error i get. i know that the username and password are correct now. What am i missing??

Ok i got it. And its my fault for not reading completely. Thank you for your time and help!!!

It’s been a while since I added Neato, but are you sure you need to enter a username / password and not a client id / client secret? Those are not the same things. Did you follow these instructions?

Turns out it works a LOT better when you actually read the prerequisites and do those. Thanks again!

Im only seeing one entitiy so for but im going to do more reading on it. Hoping to see the map and be able to adjust the timing of when it runs and such. Thanks!