Script button question

I created a script to trigger an emergency mode. Basically, if you long-press a button, it will do the following steps:

  • Set the emergency mode counter to 1
  • Create a scene ‘before’ of all lights
  • Turn on all lights to full brightness

A second long-press of any button will reset the lighting to the previous state and reset the emergency mode counter to 0.

What I want to do is to be able to do a single-press on any button when the emergency mode is active to reset it instead of the long-press.

Would there be an easy way to do this, or do i need to create a script/blueprint that would be used on every button?

You need to assign a hold action to every button.

I’m already doing that. What im asking is if there’s an easier way to go about it, plus, once the Emergency mode is active, a short press on any button will restore the prior scene instead of what its normal action would be.

And what I am telling you is no…