Script control of the heating temperature

Hello community,
I am relatively new to Home Assistant, I have integrated my FritzBox, my Kostal inverter PV system and my Viessmann Vitocal 251 heat pump.
The monitoring and also the control of the Fritz heating thermostats depending on the volume flow and the outside temperature works so far.
Now I would like to increase the heating temperature via the enitaet “climate.e3_vitocal_heating” e.g. from 22°C to 23°C, this should be done via a script.
The changeover in the interface works without any problems.
Can anyone give me a tip on how to implement this?
Thank you very much

Greetings Christopher

Here is an example… Test it out in developer tools / services. You’ll need to put your entity id in.

service: climate.set_temperature
  temperature: 72
  entity_id: climate.downstairs_thermostat

Thank you very much, it worked wonderfully.

Greetings Christopher