Script entity customisation (text and icon color)

Hi Everyone,

I have set up a script to reboot my router, and I would like to customize the icon color and replace the execute button text from ‘Activate’ to ‘Reboot’.

So far, with CustomUI, I have been able to change the default icon color to grey using ‘icon_color’ command. Using TomerFi’s custom card, I was able to change the text of the button. This is working great in the standard interface.

I switched recently to Lovelace UI, but the script button’s text is now back to the default ‘Activate’ / (‘Exécuter’ in French). I have found a special entity in Lovelace (-type: call-service) which allows me to change the default text of the button. But in this case, I have not yet found a way to setup a different color.

This is summarized in the screenshots below:

Any suggestion to help me change this icon color ?

Thank you