Script fails when device does not respond


I have a script to gradually turn off all lights in the house when we go to bed.
Lately the script does not fully complete every now and then. When looking at the tracing I see that last night one of the devices did not respond.

My question is two parts:

  1. how do I prevent the script from stopping when one of the steps fails?
  2. how do I figure out what causes the device to not respond?

tracing shows an error at one of the script steps. script:

service: switch.turn_off
  - switch.osram_02_switch
  - switch.osram_03_switch
  - switch.osram_04_switch

step details:

Uitgevoerd op: 21 april 2024 om 00:25:30
Fout: Failed to send request: device did not respond
result: false
state: '16.63'
wanted_state: unavailable

the related device ar all zigbee plugs configured trough zha

You can use continue_on_error to avoid the script from stopping.

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Lots of good Zigbee advice here:

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