Script in Scene

Hello - I’ve been struggling with some home assistant configuration.

I want to call a script within a scene - but it doesn’t seem to trigger. If I call the script on it’s own, it works. But within a scene “script.turn_on” it doesn’t trigger.

I want to be able to dim my Wink Hub lights using delay (as transition not supported). And I want to create a scene so I can map it over to Homebridge (scripts don’t work with Homebridge apparently).

Any help would be much appreciated.

Why not run a script and have the script call the scene along with the other stuff?

Thanks aimc. I was able to sort this out using Input Boolean instead. I couldn’t use a script because Homebridge doesn’t allow scripts to be mapped over for use with Siri.

I created an Input Boolean and an Automation that runs the script if my Input Boolean is selected.

Homebridge sees Input Booleans as a switch.

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could you post your yaml config for that?