Script started, and I don't know why

I have a script named frontdoorlowbatterydetected which AFAICT is not being called… anywhere. The script makes a call to IFTTT and I was surprised today to see it fire. I checked the logs, and sure enough it says:

frontdoorlowbatterydetected started

I’ve searched every way possible, including `grep -rnw . -e ‘frontdoorlowbatterydetected’ and it only appears one time, in the scripts definition file. It apperas in the logfiles, but that shouldn’t make a difference. Have you heard of this behavior before?

someone using the interface accidentally press it when scrolling?

Not a chance. There is nothing that even has the name of the script in any of the yaml files.

So, you have a script named frontdoorlowbatterydetected. That means it exists in ha. You can activate a script in a number of ways through the UI:

By having it selected as a service in the service call:

By pressing Execute in your UI or in the states page

You are 100% sure that this did not occur?