Script status feedback

Hello, I have bulbs which are not recognized by HA but I managed to get them up by alexa media player as routines. So I created a script to launch my routines with a touch button and I would like to know if it is possible to have a feedback to know if this script is triggered as for a traditional light bulb. Or do you have another solution?
Thank you.

Next time you can just edit your topic and delete the French text and replace it with the English text, instead of creating a new topic :wink:

What bulbs are these and what kind of touch button are you using?

OK sorry, thank you for your answer, these are osram zigbee bulbs and I use a simple button but I had to create two scripts, one for switching on and one for switching off, and when this one is on the way I don’t have his condition going back in HA

I think most of the Osram bulbs can be connected to Home Assistant, just depends on which hub you use. What’s the exact model and what hub are you using?

Precisely I do not have a hub, it is integrated into my Amazon studio echo.
But can we have the icon of the script which remains activated when we activate it and which deactivates when we turn it off? Like a classic tap button?

Here are my scripts, I would just like to know if there is a way on the button to know when the script is on and when it is off.
Thank you

Is this a screenshot from Alexa or Home Assistant?

It’s a HA capture with hadashboard

Here is an example of my script

Here is an example of my button