Script syntax error

Hi all,

I just tried a little script which just should switch a light to red, wait 1 sec and switch it to blue, wait a sec and repeat this a certain amount of times.
But I get the following error:

What am I doing wrong ?

Please don’t post pictures of text. Post the actual text and format it correctly for the forum.

That way we can help you a lot easier with cut/paste/edit.

You have created a script that’s missing a sequence statement.

Add sequence: after the line containing mode: then indent all remaining lines as shown below, except the last line containing max:

alias: Birne-2-Rot-Blau-blinken
mode: restart
  - repeat:
      count: 3
        - service: light.turn_on
          ... etc ...
max: 10

I agree with tom_l, in the future please post your YAML code as text not as an image. I only entered the first few lines of your example because I’m unwilling to re-type everything from the image you posted.


Script Syntax

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Thank you for the correction and sorry for the picture !
Next time you get text. :blush:

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