Script to delay a lovelace card from appearing

I have an entity-filter card that only show up on top of my view if any of the two garage doors are open. They work perfect but it shows ANY time they are open. I would like to delay this, only if the garage has been opened for more than 15 minutes. What would be the best way to do this? Is this possible with the entity-filter or by executing a script?

type: entity-filter
  - cover.garage_rey
  - cover.garage_ned
  - open
  type: entities
  title: Warning Garage Open
show_empty: false

You could always template your own garage door cover with logic for the state and then use that/those device(s) to feed your entity-filter card.

Thanks. What I ended up doing was to create an automation that when the garage is open (trigger), wait for 15 minutes and then run an action to toggle on an input boolean. That input boolean entity is the one I use in the filter.

Much simpler is an alert. That is exactly made for these things. :slight_smile:

Especially the skip_first. :wink:

For a garage door it could like this:

  - platform: template
        value_template: "{{ is_state('binary_sensor.garagedoor_contact_on_off', 'on') }}"
        friendly_name: Garagentor offen
        icon_template: 'mdi:garage-alert'

    name: Garagedoor open
    entity_id: binary_sensor.garagedoor_open
    state: 'on'
      - 2
    can_acknowledge: false
    skip_first: true
    message: >
      *** ACHTUNG! ***
      Das Garagentor steht offen!
      - notification_level_4

repeat and skip_first build a great team. The alert starts, as soon as the garage door opens. As skip_first is set, the first notification gets fired after two minutes, and then every two minutes. You can set specific times with repeat, so the minutes between new notifications can be fitted perfectly. :slight_smile: