Script to turn Off Old(Not Smart) TV with android remote control app

I am using HassIO installed on a Ubuntu 18.04 laptop(it has adb drivers installed, and I can do adb over wifi), and I am trying to run the following script through home assistant-

/home/mp/LG_TV/ located on the Ubuntu machine
The script works manually when I execute it from the local terminal window on the Ubuntu machine, how can I run it from Home Assistant? The contents of the script are -


#Connect to Android Phone
adb connect <IP Address of the Phone>:5555 
sleep 1
#Unlock Phone
adb shell input keyevent 82
sleep 1
#Swipe down for TV Remote App
adb shell input swipe 720 20 720 500
sleep 1
#Tap to Turn OFF TV
adb shell input tap 150 690
sleep 1
#Lock Phone
adb shell input keyevent 26
sleep 1
#Disconnect adb
adb disconnect <IP Address of the Phone>:5555 
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