Script translation error


since a couple of days I get the following message when i trigger a script.

Translation Error: The intl string context variable ‘naam’ was not provided to the string 'Geactiveerd {naam]

I red something about adding languages but it worked fine the last couple of weeks.
When I add the script to one of my dashboards I can execute them…

What can I do about this error message?

Hi Ronniebee,

I am getting the same message. How did you solve it?

Hi Paul,
Noticed the same issue today when I wanted to update.
I believe they were a little too diligent with dutch translations. Probably they needed to address variable “name” to build the string instead of “naam”. When changing the interface language to English, the error is no longer there.
Update itself went fine though, so I believe it’s purely “cosmetic”.

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Yep, changing the language does the trick… lets wait for an update :slight_smile:

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