Script variable as template?

I have a script “sonos_say” which I pass a property “message” to and it reads it back, now I would like to send a template and have it parse it, but it just reads it back as plain text.

Here is parts of the script:

    - service: tts.amazon_polly_say
        entity_id: "{{ 'media_player.' ~ where }}"
        message: "{{ message }}"

I call it with:

    - service: script.sonos_say
        where: bedroom
        volume: 0.04
        message: 'Good morning, its {{ states.sensor.time.state }} and outside we have {{ states.sensor.dark_sky_summary.state }} weather and {{ states.sensor.dark_sky_temperature.state }} degrees.'

Can this be made to work somehow?

In the call change data to data_template.