Script with parameters via GUI?


when using Blueprints, there is a very nice GUI to set the values for the parameters defined by the blueprint. An example:

Is there anything similar for scripts?

It is already possible to call a script like a service. Is there also a way to make the GUI ask the user for the parameters required? Like it does with most other services?

I know that I can define parameters in the script and add them by knowing the name in the yaml-call. But this is far away from the comfort, the blueprints offer.

Thank you very much!

You can build your own blueprint that asks you, or modify one that is similar that you want to request information on.

Can I call the blueprint directly from another automation?

As far as I know, this is not possible.

In order to use the blueprint, I will need to create an actual automation. And if I want to call the blueprint with different values for the parameters, I will need to create yet another automation.


It would be so much easier if it was possible to “call the blueprint” directly from another automation and define the values for the parameters there. Just as you do with any other service.