Scripting Tradfri Buttons with Smartthings

In the absence of being able to get any Smartthings branded buttons, I purchased some Tradfri ones from IKEA. And I’ve found they do seem to work nicely with the Smartthings hub (though there was a little confusion between the “dimmer” and the “button”. D’OH!).

However now I need to configure my scripts in HASSIO. I tried using similar method as getting the Smartthings buttons by going into the IDE and using the Device ID and smartthings.button event type, but that was a dead-end. No luck. That’s where my knowledge kind of ends.

I’m not familiar with how to use mqtt so I haven’t even attempted that, but I see that people have had success there. I don’t really understand it, so if I NEED to go down that path, then I’m going to need a good tutorial.

But I’d prefer to use just a simple scripting method if possible, and I find the way the smartthings buttons work pretty basic.

Can anyone assist?

Having the same issue… Did you end up finding a solution?

No. I ended up biting the bullet and going down the zha/node-red path. Big move and not simple, but once done it just works. Best move I ever made.