Scripts exposed to google not useable for other members of household

Yo, so in my crusade to fully debug my house, I’ve come across an issue with Google Home and Nabu Casa and I’m wondering if 1) other people can replicate this and 2) if there are plans to fix it (either on the Nabu Casa or Google side)

The short version is that I am unable to share certain Home Assistant entities in the Google Home App.

Hi , I created a home and linked Home Assistant to it via Nabu Casa. I can see/control all entities as expected. When I share that home with others (e.g. my wife), she can only see / control entities which are linked to rooms. Anything that’s not in a room is MIA (e.g. scripts).

Why does that matter? I use scripts to control global automations (e.g. bedtime). I use Google routines to trigger that script when I say goodnight to Google Home. Those routines are linked to my Google account. Since my wife cannot access entities that aren’t in a room, she cannot create a good night routine.

Tried putting the scripts into a room but that doesnt work either.

Any help please?

I use other controls to trigger the automation - GH turns an MQTT switch on, or sets an input boolean, and that then triggers the script. My ‘scripts’ are flows in Node Red, but the same logic should apply. For my morning and bedtime routines, I use an input select with 3 states: awake, going to bed, and sleeping. These are all set through GH, and once they’re set, Node Red turns lights on/off, etc.

You mean i should creat an input boolean?
But scripts are always on… they never go off…

You just launch them

If i create an input boolean, it will stay on , no?

Either your script can turn it off at the end, or something else can turn it off (eg. time of day). That way it will be ready for GH to turn it on again at the appropriate time.

And you create an automation that is based on the state of the input boolean changing from off to on, and have it run your script through call-service (or move the script commands here). This same automation could set the state back to off at the end.

ok will look into it thx

i could indeed let the script turn it off.

I need all three stuff i think

  • script for turning off the lights (cause i need delays and that doesnt work in automation)
  • input boolean so that GH can turn it on (and my home fellows)
  • automation to start when boolean is on to run the script and turn the boolean off

Big way around to get what i want with google routines