Scripts Failed Because Integration Didnt Start

Running Home Assistant Container 2022.2.9.

I have a script that is called for any flood, smoke, CO, or other emergency event that takes in a message and a color, then sends the message out to configured phones and turns lights to the color specified. It works great and I’ve tested it a bunch. There’s more to it than that, but thats the gist of it. The idea is that I have multiple automations (again, flood sensors, smoke/CO alarms, etc.) all call the same script and act consistently. Also a single step to change the flow and troubleshoot, as seen here.

Problem is last night. I had some popcorn burn so the smoke alarm went off. My script failed to work, however. When I dug into it, my log complained that it couldn’t find some of the called ecobee services, which I call to turn attempt to turn the furnace and its fan off in case there really was af ire. Turns out that the Ecobee component didnt setup on the last restart for whatever reason, so the script didnt see the service, and didnt run at all.

Is there a way to avoid this without adding a ton of health checks and other workaround yaml? I guess I could break the Ecobee stuff out into its own script and call it seperately, but wondering if there’s a setting to just avoid service calls that dont work.

By the way, after a restart, Ecobee setup just fine and the script runs OK.


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Same happened to me after this last update. Good to know a restart fixed it for you, but I’d have to agree that a more sustainable long-term solution would be ideal.