Scripts not showing up in Emulated Hue

I’m sure there is something I am missing. I am attempting to set up an Amazon Echo to use Home Assistant to be able to power on and off devices with a Harmony hub independent of whatever activities are active, so that game consoles can be powered on and off without affecting the television.

So far, I have successfully created scripts that turn each device on or off, but these scripts are for some reason not showing up on the /api/username/lights page of the Emulated Hue component, though “all scripts” does show up. I separately created two wake-on-lan switches for PCs, and these do show up properly and are functioning.

Is there a special code that needs to be added to the scripts? I just used the web interface to create them, here is one:

  alias: WiiU
  - data:
    command: PowerToggle
    device: '47867797'
    entity_id: remote.harmony_hub
  service: remote.send_command

Or is there a better way to Say Alexa turn on Wii U, and trigger this script?

That looks completely wrong to me, try this…

  alias: WiiU
  - service: remote.send_command
      entity_id: remote.harmony_hub
      command: PowerToggle
      device: 47867797

I pasted yours over mine in the scripts.yaml, restarted. Shows up fine in the main Home assistant webpage, but still does not show on http://IP:8300/api/username/lights

How are you adding things to emulated_hue?

Does the script run ok if you trigger it manually?

I found my problem. I was under the impression that the expose_by_default included scripts by default, but it apparently does not. Adding exposed_domains: - script did the trick.

Thanks for the effort!