Scripts vs a yaml file included in configuration.yaml

I am setting up my control of my entertainment system via the Broadlink integration.
There are two ways that I can see going about this but don’t quite understand the reasons for choosing one method over the next (if any)

For each button press. I could create a script via the automated UI under configuration-> scripts. Each button that I configure on a Lovelace UI would then call the appropriate script.
There are potentially over a hundred buttons over the long run although I only have about 30 or so that are the most frequently used actions. There seems to be no easy method of duplicating scripts from the user interface exposed at configuration _> scripts.

The alternative method is to create a file like ‘broadlink.yaml’ that could be included in configuration.yaml that lists all the "script: " actions in it. I suspect that this is a much more efficient method to duplicate all the required script with copy/paste and then just change one or two parameters.

I would appreciate hearing from people why they decided to go one way or another and if, given a chance to do it again, they would go the same route.
Is there another method that I have not found yet ?

Thanks in advance!