Scroll through different play list in Spotify by pressing a button


For my music playing I would like to have a list of different play list that I like in spotify (i.e. a “list” of about 10 different play lists), I want to connect this list to to buttons - if I press one button it will start playing the next play list from the “list” of 10 play lists and if I press the other button it will play the previous. Is it possible to make such an automation in home assistant?

Should be possible, I don’t have Spotify but I use the input select helper for my snapcast Playlist.

Thanks, I did manage to use input select, together with scense, according to this you tube How to Cycle through Scenes like Hue using a Button in Home Assistant - TUTORIAL - YouTube
The problem is that I start a play list, but the scene seems only to store the song playing not the play list - is there any way to have the play list stored in the scene?